Below are links to albums of keyboard music I created improvisationally: where an interplay of feedback and feeling while listening without predetermination or judgement manifests the music moment to moment;  intuitively: where the energy and impulse of the music is channeled from a dimension beyond conscious thought or knowing. The music is live-streamed into existence from the unknown.

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Awakening Keyboard

(November 11 2020) 

"Awakening Keyboard" is compilation of improvisational keyboard songs brought into the physical realm in the years of 2019, 2020, and 2021. The album features 15 of my favorite tracks from 5 solo albums channeled through a spinet piano, harmonium, an electric Korg Concert 6000, and JUNO-88DS synthesizer. The nature of this music is that of "awakening": opening one's ears and senses to the present moment, the zero-point around which the forces of creation and destruction continually dance.

Juno Return

(September 2020) 

This album consists of improvisational instrumental songs played on a JUNO-DS88 synthesizer, recorded 8/27-8/31/2020. 

In the Roman pantheon, Juno is the goddess of vital energy, marriage, childbirth, home, family. She is chief goddess, daughter of Saturn, and consort of Jupiter. In astrology, the “Juno Return” occurs when the asteroid Juno returns to its original starting point in an individual’s birth chart. For the individual, this marks the ending of a cycle and the beginning of another, heralding new perspectives and renewed energy in the areas of life overseen by the goddess Juno. 

Juno’s sacred animal is the peacock. From Mysterium Coniunctionis, by C.G. Jung: “The peacock is an ancient Christian symbol of resurrection, like the phoenix. According to a late alchemical text, the bronze tablets in the labyrinth at Meroe showed Osiris, after his regeneration by Isis, mounting a chariot drawn by peacocks, in which he drives along triumphing in his resurrection, like the sun” (p. 290).

Path of the Flaming Sword

(September 2019) 

The songs on this album play out "The Path of the Flaming Sword" through the corresponding tarot card trumps on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The “flash of lightning, which is often depicted as hilted like a fiery sword, represent the successive Divine Emanations which constitute creative evolution” (The Mystical Qabalah p. 24). This lightning flash is the descent of power through 10 objective centers of energy (the Sephirot) and 9 paths of subjective consciousness and experience (illustrated through tarot cards) from the crown into physical manifestation (Alpha to Omega). “The Tarot is in fact a complete and elaborate system for describing the hidden forces which underlie the universe” (Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot p. xi). The songs, played on piano, Rhodes, and harmonium, were recorded with a Tascam DR-05 digital recorder on 9-19-2019 and mastered with Audacity.

Dark Tarot

(August 2019)

These songs offer musical illumination to guide you through the darkest, scariest, and most dreaded moments of the Tarot. Diving into this darkness is not for the faint of heart...however, these experiences cannot be sidestepped along the complete Fool's Journey. I brought these musical equivalents of the cards into sonic existence improvisationally by looking into the card and playing out the music on a Korg Concert 6000 electric piano, sometimes vocalizing the tones. 

Each song features an image of the card I tuned in to; the decks used are the Universal Waite and the Dali Tarot Universal. This album was recorded 8-8, 9, 10-2019 with a Tascam DR-05 digital recorder and was produced with Audacity.

Excerpts from the Fool's Journey

(July 2019)

The Fool's Journey is the Tarot: the illustrated story, from beginning to end, of Spirit descending into Matter. It consists of 22 Major Arcana (from arcane, meaning secret) cards illustrating archetypal energies, and 56 Minor Arcana cards illustrating variations of experience and elements encountered along the journey. It is most commonly known as a divination tool, but is more profoundly used as a method of self-study and also as visual illumination to understand the spiritual nature of the human experience. 

Through looking at the card while playing the piano spontaneously, I draw out a song from the image. I consciously chose cards which I felt moved to express, in the order they play out on the album. As in a divinitory reading, a storyline in generated in addition to the individual messages inherent in each card. Some songs came to completion on their own time, some were signaled to end when the remaining tarot deck fell off piano deck, and some were interrupted by external interference. The songs came through the piano on 7/22-23-24/2019.

Keyboard (in the) Works

(June 2019)

These songs were played and recorded during the Summer Solstice, unbeknownst, 6/20-21/2019. All works were created “in the works” (surprise-composed in and of the moment) on a Korg Concert 6000 electric piano, recorded with a Tascam DR-05 digital recorder, and minimally processed through Audacity. The resulting album consists of 24 instrumental songs incidentally totaling 1:44:11 of solo keyboard music, coming in direct through the quantum window.

Songs From Before

(July 2019)

Songs from Before is a dynamic 33:33 minute album inspired from prophetic Scripture. It is a ‘solo’ album as everything was played, sounded out, recorded and produced by me. This independent album released on American Independence Day 2019 features as its cover an 48”x36” oil painting I did 11 years before titled Continuum II.

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